Adoption Is Our Next Step!


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Hi There!

We feel so excited to be growing our family through adoption! We’re grateful for the time you are taking to consider us for the baby you’re placing. We admire your strength and determination to seek out the right path for yourself and your baby and we appreciate the significant courage you have right now! We come to you with that same courage.

We were married in June 2011 and soon after we decided to start our family. We tried for almost two years, but several lab results showed that our chances of becoming pregnant were incredibly slim. It was devastating and frustrating because we have SO MUCH LOVE to give to our baby. So we pondered and researched our options. We found hope when we both had the strong feeling that adoption was going to be an important part of our family, and now we are THRILLED! We want more than anything to become parents and we are so anxious to teach and love our adopted children as we go through life! Our promise to you is that we will be the very best parents that we can be!

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Our greatest desire is to have an open adoption. We would LOVE to have you be a part of our family to whatever extent you feel comfortable. We know that having an open relationship with you is best for everyone, especially for your baby. We look forward to sending you regular photos and having you join us (when possible) for birthday parties among other things and other significant events in your baby’s life.

We know that the path has not been easy for you, but we hope that knowing your baby will go to a home such as ours where we will love him or her unconditionally, will ease the pain a little. Please know how much we will cherish your little baby every day of our lives. We invite you to get to know us a little better and don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to meet you!

With love,

Andrea and Jake

One thought on “Adoption Is Our Next Step!

  1. Never give up hope, for in God there is always a way. He blesses those at the time they need it most ♡ bless your family, you will be in my prayers. With much love, Erica


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