Home Study APPROVED!!!


WE ARE APPROVED!!!  That’s right HOME STUDY APPROVED!!! Doesn’t that sound beautiful?! Basically it just means that we can now be chosen to be the adoptive parents of a sweet little baby (or babies).

The thing that we are learning about adoption is that there is a lot of waiting…did I mention A LOT of waiting? The funny thing is that we are only in the beginning. We fill out papers and submit them…then wait…then they request more papers so we fill those out and submit them…then wait… However, we have plenty to do, so in between submitting papers, we can work on our profiles, spend time together, and spend time with family. I am very HAPPY that our home study is officially APPROVED so we can now post on other websites! We started with itsaboutlove.org. There are some things that we need to do to beef up our profile there, but it’s a start, and you can see it at:



Andrea 🙂

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