Andrea’s Family


My Parents (Dan and Bonita)

I am so grateful to have such wonderful parents. They always took care of me and always provided me with opportunities for our family to grow closer and have fun together. My dad is a farmer and a builder at heart. He is always willing to serve, and actively looks for ways to help people around him. There have been many times when he called me just because he felt I needed it…without knowing that it was when I needed it most. My mom is a school teacher and has taught me the value of education. She is very creative, loves creating fun family traditions, decorating the house for the holidays, and spending time with family. We go on at least one big trip every year with the whole family. Jake and I are so grateful for all the work that my parents have done to help us remodel our house.

My Siblings (Becca, Matthew, Kelsie, and Jacob)

I am the oldest of 5 kids and love spending time with them my family. We are all so very different, but find reasons to get together regularly.

Becca and Rodolfo were married a couple of years ago and live just down the street from me and Jake. Becca loves anything and everything outdoors, has a passion for photography, and is good at reaching out to people. Rodolfo is from Mexico, loves (extremely) spicy foods, and loves working on cars. Becca and Rodolfo help us practice our Spanish and are always there if we ever have a problem with our cars.


Matthew is one of the kindest guys I know. He’s always willing to go out of his way to help others (he’s a lot like my dad). He graduated from Utah State University, and currently works as a mechanical engineering.

Kelsie and Brandt were married about a year ago. She is super creative when it comes to cooking and crafts. Kelsie makes some of the tastiest desserts I have ever tried and organizes an occational craft night for us girls. Brandt has a way of making everyone happy, especially Kelsie, and always seems to be laughing.

Jacob and my husband have the same name, so we always call my brother “Jacob” and my husband “Jake.” The two of them love sitting on opposite sides of me and then yelling “Jacob sandwich!!!” Jacob is super bright, does really well in school, and loves karate and playing the trumpet in marching band.

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