Private vs. Agency Adoption

This is a post for our friends and family! Let’s talk a little bit about different types of adoptions.  Private vs. agency adoptions. (Not to be confused with closed vs. open). Now I must first say that I am not an adoption expert or specialist, I’m just a potential adoptive mother who is trying to learn all that she can about adoption, so this is the best I understand it. Jake and I have considered pros and cons of each, and are always praying to be guided.pros cons

Agency: This is when an agency works directly with the adoptive family.  The agency typically provides training and counseling, and they have a network in order to get your profile in front of more birth parents.  They do most of the “finding” but you also pay for their expertise and networking. The agency can place additional requirements on adoptive families so it is a little more restrictive than private, but a great option if you can afford it (it can be quite a bit more expensive). We have looked at a few different agencies, and we have received several referrals (facebook friends seeing an adoption situation and sending us the link to the agency).  We really do appreciate our friends and family thinking of us, but for now, it’s beyond our means.

Private: A private adoption is where the adoptive family works primarily with an attorney through the adoption process instead of with an agency.  Most of the “marketing” is done by the family. For now, Jake and I feel that this is where we have needed to start.  We still had to complete a home study, and we still have to follow requirements set by the state. We have to work on getting our name out there for mothers who are considering adoption. The best way that we see this as being successful is if we happen to KNOW someone who knows a woman who is considering adoption, or we know someone who knows someone, who knows someone… You get the idea.  That is why we have a blog, Facebook page, Instagram account, pass along cards, etc. Because by some miracle, YOU might be our answer because of who you know!  We will be FOREVER grateful to anyone who is willing to spread the word and talk to people about us adopting! We also have an profile and are totally open to a woman just stumbling upon us and reaching out to us.

For now, we are choosing to adopt privately, but we are vigorously saving money to potentially eventually use an agency if private adoption still doesn’t result in a baby in our arms in the near-ish future.